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in parts of u.s. near detroit whiteout companies are being blamed for accidents that closed parts of two interstate highways. south carolina also saw snow and national weather service issued a winter storm warning for parts of massachusetts with forecasters predicting heavy snow and strong winds there overnight. >>> from the vatican comes word that catholic cardinals could choose a new pope sooner than expected. that the pappan conclive, the group of cardinals that chooses the pope could meet earlier than march 15th if the coordinates are already fathered in rome. coordinates are eager to make their decision before palm sunday. pope benedict xvi is scheduled to step down on february 28th. >>> in other news of the world in kabul president hamid karzai says he will issue a decree banning afghan security forces from asking for foreign help to carry out airstrikes in residential areas. the announcement comes days a joint inside rate in kunar provence can afghan officials say killed ten civilians, including women and children. children. >>> in pakistani city tonight at least 6 apeople are dea
. >>> the u.s. state the -- department is now involved on the search for a couple. the couple was last seen in peru. >> reporter: they are a happy couple on the vacation of a lifetime. miles away from home they were never away more than a computer away from family and friends. the couple has chronicled their travels on facebook. but the photos and status updates stopped on january 25th. >> it's upsetting. you know i'm worried about both of them. >> reporter: jamie is on extended vacation from the peddler bike shop in el cebrante where she worked and put her bike together for the road trip. those bikes are ever present in their facebook photos. posts showed their traveled to argentina, chile and peru. one of jamie's last updates noted going to lima instead of machupichu. a security message warning americans of kidnapping threats around cusco. >> what kind of warning would they see while traveling, they are within the people. they're not watching the news. >> reporter: the state department put out this poster of the missing couple. >> my greatest hope is they return on schedule unharmed. >> r
of either saying the pledge of allegiance or observing a moment of silence. >>> the u.s. justice department along with california and several other states filed suit against standard and poors. the suit claims p refused to warn investors that the housing department would be collapsing because it would be bad for business. >> s & p gave premium ratings to risky investments. >> reporter: state attorney general camela harris says pension funds put money into those investments based on s & p ratings. >>> wall street rebounded today following yesterday's steep drop. the dow's gained 99 points to gain 25 points shy. nasdaq was up 40 points. investors computer is going private. michael dell and an investment company are buying the trading company. dell's profits have faded and this could be michael dell's plans to restore the company to its former glory. >>> a man is accused of trying to snatch up a girl that was riding a bike. the man cursed at her as she was peddling down emerson street. then as she got closer she say it is man crossed the street and tried to snatch her up. he grabbed her arm an
want some sort of review before drone strikes are used on u.s. citizens. >>> the controversial subject of drones in this country. last thursday, seattle police acknowledged the idea of using drones after community opposition. tonight health and science editor john fowler investigates other drones, personal drones that have some fantastic and frightening possibilities. >> reporter: drones already fly over the bay area recording anything, anyone, even you almost without restriction. jason short is an industrial designer at tech guy. one of many in the bay area who fly sophisticated camera drones as a hobby. >> i'm just trying to have fun. it is a lot of fun because it's challenging. >> it's really an authentic feeling. you can look around and just the same you would look around in an airplane you can look around in this and you can see what this sees, it's pretty spectacular. >> reporter: for less than $1,000 in parts it's a high definition surveillance camera. within line of sight, technologically almost unlimited, autonomous any where. >> we can click on a map and say go here, and it w
airlines and u.s. airways are harshing out -- ha sshgs hashing out the details of a deal to end next week. >>> the dow lost by 42 points. the s, and m down by 2. >> linked in are up nearly 10% after hours following earnings that soured past expectations. >> linked in earned $5.11 million. revenue rose by 81%. the company boosted its outlook. >>> all classes scheduled before 4 this afternoon at 3 buildings, the art building, the performing arts center and parts of the physical education complex of the school officials say a back ho operator hit an electrical line. >>> the bay area authority toll has marked the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. our consumer editor, tom baker tells us how much this will cost. >> come labor day, pedestrian will be able to get on the news spin for a 1 way, 2-hour, 5-mile san francisco walk, returning by bart, 5 and a half million dollar budget. >> buses, barricades, bathrooms and body. >> emts, the volunteers that are needed, 15,000 people per hour for about 200,000 in all will allow walkers a safe, not packed in like sardines environment. >>
drone. the video shows a city said to be afghanistan. this appears to be an attempt to embarrass the u.s. american officials have confirmed iran had captured a drone and asked for it back. iran refused. >>> president putin toured the sight of next year's winter olympic games and he is not pleased. putin said he wanted a senior executive of the winter olympics fired. >>> and in china, 1,500 firefighters are finally getting the upper hand against a wildfire that's been burning for a day and a half. the flames threatened gas and electrical fire stations. officials say a sanitation worker started the fire by burning waste and has now been arrested. >>> a kindergartner and his grandmother's idea has come to fruition. he asked his grandmother is there another famous african american besides martin luther king. >> it really took me by surprise for him to say that because he was only in kindergarten at the time. i said there's so many people that even dr. king admired. >> carolyn hoskins said she began her collection knowing that so many african americans had contributed to the world. by the wa
scrambling into the streets, but so far there is no reports of major damage or death. the u.s.g.s. says the epicenter of the quake was about 6 miles from a city of 400,000 people. . quake was felt in many parts of colombia and ecuador. >>> people in beijing watched as fireworks filled the skies to ring in the lunar new year. tomorrow is the start of the year 4711 in the chinese calendar. the year of the snake. a plea by the chinese government to limit the number of firecrackers to cut down on pollution doesn't seem to work. >>> meantime in san francisco, shoppers at westfield center on market street enjoyed storytelling in celebrate of the chinese new year. >> eyes like a rabbit and breathed fire. it was a dragon. >> today's story was the tale about the creation of the i zodiaccalendar. >>> today only 50 of the massive pythons have been captured or killed. the month-long hunt for burmese pythons in the everglades is sponsored by the state to capture the invasive species which poses' threat to native animals. the hunters are to log exactly where they caught each snake and scientists w
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7